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The presence of Estonian choral composers on the web is growing. Some pages are sponsored by composers' publishers. The Estonian Music Info. Center (EMIC) has begun to compile a list of Estonian composers and corresponding websites. To go to the EMIC composers list, click here and then click on the "Info" button to bring up the composers list.

Click here to go to webpage of scores/repertoire on this Estonian Choral Music & Repertoire site.
The following is an abbreviated list of significant choral composers:

Eespere, René
(b. 1953)

Eespere writes both instrumental and choral music. He is on the theory/composition faculty of the Academy of Music. His choral music is moderately difficult.
Kapp, Artur
Known especially as an organist, Kapp also wrote choral works, including a significant oratorio Hiiob / Job (1929).
Kreek, Cyrillus
Major 20c choral composer, especially of sacred works, some of which are published by SPMuusikaprojekt.
Mägi, Ester
(b. 1922)
Estonian's best known female composer. She has written in both instrumental and vocal idioms. Choral publications with SPMuusikaproject.
Meister, Erki A young composer and choral conductor who is writing nice and accessible works in Latin, English and Estonian. Published with SPMuusikaprojekt .
Pärt, Arvo
(b. 1935)
• The most comprehensive website about Pärt is that by David Pinkerton . Very well written and updated, it contains information about the composer, a comprehensive recordings list, list of scores, analyses, full bibliography, and Pärt-related links.
• A less comprehensive but decent site by Mete Kuran is worth reading.
• Minnesota Public Radio has also put an 'article' about Pärt and his musical style online.
Siimer, Mart
(b. 1967)
A younger Estonian composer, Siimer studied for his MM degree at Eastmann. He writes quite a bit of choral music, especially in the sacred genre. His personal webpage includes bio info, works and sound clips. Published by SPMuusikaprojekt .
Sisask, Urmas
(b. 1960)

Trained at the Estonian Academy of Music, Sisask is known for both his sacred choral music and his passion for astronomy. His sacred works are published by Fazer/Boosey and SP Muusikaprojekt. His major "Gloria Patri" cycle of 24 liturgical pieces is available on CD ; recordings of the Christmas oratorio and mass are posted here . Most of his publishers are listed here.
W: (Sisask's home)
Süda, Peeter
A good website (with photos) of this important composer; unfortunately the site is currently written only in Estonian.
Tobias, Rudolf

An informative and comprehensive website on the life and work of Tobias, written by Vardo Rumessen, is accessed at . In addition to biographical information, a works list and list of recordings, this site also has a superb section on Tobias' famed oratorio "Des Jona Sendung / Jonah's Mission". Included is information about the work, the libretto in English with biblical citations, orchestration, leitmotif analysis, and information about ordering scores and a recording. The author edited the piano/vocal score.
W: (Jonah's Mission)
Tormis, Veljo
(b. 1930)
To explore the choral music of Tormis is to explore the heart and soul of the Estonian culture and singing tradition. Born during the free years, Tormis composed during and following both the German and soviet occupations. Based on the ancient runic song idioms, Tormis' music is both accessible and powerful. Many of his choral works originally with Fazer are now available through Warner/Chappell Music Nordic - for complete list of WCMN scores click here. See bibliography for biographical information, especially the new book on Tormis by Prof. Mimi Daitz. For a list of his works on cd click here. Also refer to these other Tormis sites on the internet: v_tormis/index.htm
• Various websites with cds of his works are: Warner Bros/Finlandia, ECM, Virgin .
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