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The following is a list of multicultural hymns from three mainline protestant hymnals: Presbyterian, United Methodist and Lutheran (ELCA) "With One Voice." The codes for the chart below are as follows.

Language Codes
E = English F = French  Fin = Finnish G = German
H = Hebrew L = Latin Nor = Norwegian P = Portuguese
R = Russian Sp = Spanish Sw = Swedish

P = Presbyterian (USA) Hymnal

M = United Methodist

L = Lutheran 'With One Voice'

Country Title English Tune Hymnal Composer Text Lang Year M/T Season
Argentina Canto de Esperanza Song of Hope Argentina P432 Argentine folk melody Schutmaat, Alvin Sp, E -, 1984 Mission
Argentina Cristo vive Christ is Risen Argentina P109 Sosa, Pablo Martinez, Nicholas Sp/E 1960, 1960 Easter
Argentina Cristo Vive Christ is Risen Central M313 Sosa, Pablo Martínez, Nicolás S,E 19,601,960 Easter
Argentina Gloria, Gloria, Gloria   Gloria Cueca L637 Sosa, Pablo Luke 2:14 E, SP 20c,- Christmas
Asia For the Bread Which You have Broken   Beng-Li M615 Loh, I-to Benson, Louis E, Taiwanese 1970, 1924 Communion
Brazil Canta, Débora, Canta! Sing, Debora, Sing! Debora M81 Cruz, Luiza Cruz, Luiza Portuguese 1973, 1973 praise
Brazil Cantad al Señor O Sing to the Lord Cantad al Señor P472, L75 Brazilian folk melody Brazilian trad. Sp, E -, - Opening hymn
Caribbean Halle, Halle, Hallelujah   - L612 trad. Caribbean; arr., Sedio trad. E 1954,- all
Caribbean - West Indies Our Father, which art in Heaven   - P589, M271 West Indian folk - E harm., 1989 Lord's Prayer
China Great are Your Mercies, O My Maker   Song of the hoe P352 Chinese folk Chao, Tzu-chen E -, 1931 Life in Christ
China May the Lord, Mighty God   Wen-ti P596 Chinese folk melody scripture adapt. E - Service music
China Midnight Stars make Bright the Sky   Huan-sha-ch'i P65 Liang, Chi-fang Yang, Ching-chiu E 1934, 1930 Epiphany
China Praise Our God Above   Hsuan P'ing P480 Confucian chant Chao, Tzu-chen E -, 1931 Opening hymn
China (female) Rise to Greet the Sun   Le P'ing M678 Te-gnai, Hu Tzu-ch'en, Chao E 1936, 1931 morning
China (female) The Bread of Life...   Sheng En M633 Yin-Lan, Su Lew, Timothy E, Ch 1934, 1936 Communion
China: Mandarin Sheng Ye Qing Holy night, blessed night - P33 Shy, Qigui Weiyu Zhu & Jingren Wu Mandarin/E 19,821,921 Christmas
Croatia Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken   Austria M731 Croatian folk; arr. Haydn Newton, John E 1797, 1779 Heaven
Finland Be still, my soul   Finlandia M437 Sibelius, Jean von Schlegel, K E 1899, 1752 national holiness
Finland O Jesus, I have Promised   Nyland P389 Finnish folk melody Bode, John Ernest E 1927, 1866 Life in Christ
Finland This is my song   Finlandia M437 Sibelius, Jean Stone, Harkness E 1899, 1934/39 national holiness
Finland We All are One in Mission   Kuortane L755 trad. Finnish Edwards, Rusty E 19c,20c Witness
Finland We Plow the Fields and Scatter   Nyland P560 Finnish folk melody Claudius, Matthias E 1927, 1782 Thanksgiving
Ghana Jesu, Jesu   Chereponi P367; M432; L765 Ghanaian folk melody Colvin, Tom E -,1969 Life in Christ
Ghana Kyrie   - L601 Reindorf, Dinah Kyrie - -,- all
Hispanic A la ru O Sleep, dear Holy Baby A la rue P45, L639 Hispanic - folk trad. Sp/E trad. Christmas
Hispanic Alabaré   Alabaré L791 Alonso, Manuel Alonso, Manuel E 20c Praise
Hispanic Con qué Pagaremos? O what shall I render? Gratitud P557 anon. Latin American trad. Sp, E -  
Hispanic La Palabra del Señor es Recta Righteous and Just is the Word Nelson M107 García, Juan Luis García, Juan Luis Sp, E 20c Joy, celebration
Hispanic Piedad Have Mercy, Lord on Me Piedad P395 Montoya, Marcelino Montoya, Marcelino Sp, E 20c Life in Christ
Hispanic Santo, Santo, Santo! Holy, holy, holy! Nicaea M65 Dykes, John Heber; Cabrera Sp 1861, - Praise
Hispanic (text) Mil Voces Para Celebrar O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing Azmon M59 Glaser/Mason Wesley; Pagura Spanish 1839; 1987 Praise
India Jaya Ho Victory Hymn Victory Hymn M478 trad. Hindi anon. Hindi E, Hindi 19,551,958 personal devotion
Ireland Baptized in Water   Bunessan P469 Irish / Gaelic Saward, Michael E -, 1931 Opening hymns
Ireland Be Thou my Vision   Slane P339, M451, L776 Irish meoldy Irish traditional E -,1905 Life in Christ
Ireland Morning has Broken   Bunessan P469, M145 Irish / Gaelic Farjeon, Eleanor E -, 1931 Opening hymns
Ireland O Lord, You gave Your Servant John   St. Patrick's Breastplate P431 Irish melody Patterson, Joy F. E -, 1988 Mission
Ireland The King of Love my Shepherd is   St. Columbia P171, M138 Irish trad. Baker, Henry William E -, 1868 Psalm 23
Israel By the waters of Babylon   - P245 Israeli trad. trad. Jewish E trad. Psalm
Israel O God of Earth and Space   Leoni P274 Hebrew/Israeli melody Huber, Jane Parker E -, 1980 God
Israel Psalm 24 - Lift up the gates   Promised One P177 Israeli folk Duba, Arlo D. E 1973, 1984 Psalm
Israel / Hebrew Shalom, Chaverim! Farewell, Good Friends - P537; L724 Israeli round trad. Israeli Heb, E - closing hymn
Israel / Hebrew The God of Abraham Praise Leoni P488, M116 Hebrew melody Daniel ben Judah E -, 1404 Opening hymn; God's nature
Israel/Hasidic Open Your Ears, O Faithful People   Yisrael V'Oraita L715 trad. Hasidic trad. Hasidic E, Heb -,1995 The Word
Israel/Hebrew Shalom   Shalom M667 Israeli melody trad. Hebrew blessing Heb, E -,- close of worship
Israel/Yiddish Light One Candle   Tif In Veldele L630 Yiddish folk Wold, Wayne E -, 1954 Advent
Jamaican Let us Talents and Tongues Employ   Linstead P514; L754 Jamaican folk melody Kaan, Fred E -, 1975 Communion
Japan Here, O Lord, Your Servants Gather   Tokyo P465, M552 Koizumi, Isao Yamaguchi, Tokuo E 1958, 1958 Opening hymn
Japan Hitsuji Wa Sheep Fast Asleep Korin P52 Torii, Chugoro Miwa, Genzo J/E 1941, 1907 Christmas
Japan Joyful Christmas Day is here   Kurisumasu P39 Okamoto, Toshiaki Okamoto, Toshiaki E 20c Christmas
Japan Send Your Word   Mikotoba M195 Koyama, Shozo Imakoma E 1965, 1965 Christ
Japan (M), New Zealand (T) Why has God forsaken me?   Shimpi P406 Sato, Taihei Wallace, Bill E 1981, 1980 Life in Christ
Java Amen, Hallelujah   Amin Haleluya L792 trad. Javanese; arr. Sutarno trad. E -,- Praise
Korea Christ, You are the Fullness   Arirang P346 Korean melody Polman, Bert E -, 1986 Life in Christ
Korea Jin Shil HA Shin Chin Goo What a Friend we have in Jesus Converse P403 Converse, Charles Crozat Yue, Myung Ja Korean, E 1868, - Life in Christ
Korea Kahm Kahm hahn Bom Sanaoon Lonely the Boat Bai P373, M476 Lee, Dong Hoon Kim, Helen Korean, E 1967, 1927 Life in Christ
Korea Mountains are all Aglow   Kahm-sah M86 Park, Jae Hoon Lim, Ok In E 1967, 1988 praise
Korea O come unto the Lord   Korea P381, M343 Park, Chai Hoon Chun, Young taik E 1943, 1943 Life in Christ
Korea Yee jun ae Joo Nim ... When I had not yet Learned of Jesus - P410 Lee, Yoosun Chung, Yongchul Korean, E 1967, 1967 Life in Christ
Korea (text) Whak shil hahn ... Blessed Assurance Assurance P341 Knapp, Phoebe Palmer Yue; Crosby Korean, E 1873, 1989 Life in christ
Latvia By the Babylonian Rivers   Kas Dziedaja P246;L656 Latvian trad. Bash, Ewald E 1927, 1964 Psalm
Malawi That Boy-Child of Mary   Blantyre P55 Malawi melody Colvin, Tom E 1967, 1967 Christmas
Mexico Cantemos al Señor Let's Sing unto the Lord Rosas M149 Rosas, Carlos Rosas, Carlos Sp, E 20c creation
Mexico Cantemos al Señor Oh, Sing to God Above Rosas L26 Rosas, Carlos Rosas, Carlos E, Sp 1976 Morning
Mexico Jesús es me Rey soberano Our King and Our Sovereign, Lord Jesus Mi rey y me Amigo P157, M180 Mendoza, Vincente Mendoza, Vicente Sp, E 1920, 1920 Ascension
Mexico Mantos y Palmas Filled w/Excitement Hosanna M279 Avila, Rubén Ruiz Avila, Rubén Ruiz Sp,E 19,721,972 Palm Sunday/processional
Mexico Pues si Vivimos When we are Living Somos del Señor P400 Spanish melody Escamilla, Roberto Sp, E -, 1983 Life in Christ
Mexico Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly   Raquel M272 Chávez-Melo, Skinner Palmer, Roland E 1985, 1938 Christ
Native American Daw-Kee, Aim Daw-Tsi-Taw Great Spirit, Now I Pray Kiowa M330 arr., Boynton Kiowa prayer Kiowa, E 19,811,981 Holy Spirit
Native American Jesus our Friend and Brother   Esenehane Jesus M659 Ova'hehe Ova'hehe E 1982, 1982 opening of worship
Native American Many and Great, O God   Lacquiparle M148 Native American melody Renville, Joseph E arr., 1986; 1846 Creation
Native American Many and Great, O God, are Thy Things   Lacquiparle P271, L794 Native American Dakota hymn E 1842, 1842 God
Native American (Dakota) This is the Good News   - P598 Native American melody - E - Service music
Native American (Muscogee) Heleluyan Alleluia Heleluyan P595; M78; L609 Native American (Muscogee) - Muscogee, E - Service Music
Native American (t), G, J, Sp Jesus Loves Me   Jesus Loves Me M191 Bradbury, William vars. Cherokee, G, J, Sp   Christ
Native American (text) Twas in the Moon of Wintertime / Huron Carol   Une Jeune Pucelle P61, M244 French 16c Native American (Huron); Jean de Brébeuf E 16c, 1641 Christmas
Native American (text) Wotanin Waste Nahon Po Hear the Good News of Salvation Nettleton P355 American folk Native American - Dakota Dakota, E 1813, 1879 Life in Christ
Nicaragua Te Ofrecemos Now We Offer Te Ofrecemos L761 trad. Nicaraguan trad. Nicaraguan E, Sp -,- Stewardship
Nigeria Jesus, We Want to Meet   Nigeria M661 Olajide, A.T. Olajide, A.T. E 1949, 1949 opening of worship
Nigeria Wa wa wa Emimimo Come, O Holy Spirit, Come Wa Emimimo L681 trad. Nigerian trad. Nigerian E,  -,- Holy Spirit, Pentecost
Pakistan Saranam, Saranam Refuge Punjabi M523 trad., Punjabi trad., Pakistani E 1962, 1963 tribulation
Peru Glory to God, Glory in the Highest   Gloria Peru L788 trad. Peruvian trad. Peruvian E -,- praise
Philippines Awit sa Dapit Hapon When Twilight Comes - P547 Felciano, Francisco Andrade, Moises Filipino, E 20c vesper
Philippines Dear Lord, Lead me Day by Day   Cottage Grove M411 Philippine folk Asuncion, Francisca E 19,831,983 personal holiness
Philippines Lord, Your Hands Have Formed   Gayom Ni Higami L727 trad. Philippino Aliano, Ramon E -,- Creation
Philippines O God in Heaven   Halad M119 Maquiso, Elena Maquiso, Elena E 1961, 1961 God
Philippines Sing with Hearts   Intako P484 Kalinga melody Malicsi, Jonathan E -, 1983 Opening hymn
Poland W Zlobie Lezy Infant Holy, Infant Lowly W Zlobie Lezy P37, M228, (M307) trad. trad.; (B.Wren) E   Christmas (Easter)
Puerto Rico; Hispanic De Tierra Lejana Venimos From a Distant Home Isla del Encanto P64, M243 Puerto Rico - trad. Puerto Rican Sp/E - Epiphany
Russia Kyrie   - L602 trad. Russian Orthodox Kyrie - -,- all
Russia My song forever shall record   St. Petersburg P209 Bortniansky, Dimitri The Psalter 1912 E 1825, 1912 Psalm
Russia Now, on Land and Sea Descending   Vesper hymn P545 Bortniansky, Dimitri Longfellow, Samuel E 19c Vesper
Russia Thou hidden source of calm repose



St. Petersburg M153 Bortniansky, Dimitri Wesley, Charles E 1825, 1749 Psalm
South Africa Alleluia   - L610 trad. So. African; arr., Mxadana - E -,- all
South Africa Amen, siakudumisa Amen, We Praise Your Name Amen Siakudumisa L786 trad. South African trad. South African E, Swahili -,- praise
South Africa Hallelujah! We Sing Your Praises   Haleluya! Pelo Tso Rona L722 trad. South African trad. South African E -,- Close of worship
South Africa Send Me, Lord   Thuma Mina M497 trad., So African trad., So African E   personal devotion
South Africa Siyahamba We are marching in the light of God Siyahamba L650 trad. So. African trad. So. African E, Swahili -,- Epiphany
South Africa Thuma mina Send Me, Jesus Thuma Mina L773 trad. South African trad. South African E, Swahili -,- Personal devotion
Spain Camina, Pueblo de Dios Walk on, O People of God Nueva Creación P296 Gabaráin, Cesáro Gabaráin, Cesáro Sp, E 20c God
Spain Camina, Pueblo de Dios Walk on, People of God Nueva Creación M305 Gabaraín, Cesareo Gabaraín, Cesareo S,E 19,871,987 Easter
Spain Come, Christians, Join to Sing



Madrid P150 Spanish - folk Bateman, Christian Henry E 1824, 1843 Ascension
Spain Cuando el Pobre When a Poor One El Camino P407 Olivar, J.A. and Miguel Manzano Olivar, J.A. and Miguel Manzano Sp, E 1976, 1976 Life in Christ
Spain Pues Si Vivimos When We are Living Somos del Señor M356 trad. anon & Escamilla S,E 18,931,893 repentance
Spain Shalom to You   Somos del Señor M666 trad. Spanish Eslinger, Elise E 1989, 1980 close of worship
Spain Sois la Semilla You are the Seed Id Y Enseñad M583; L753 Gabaraín, Cesareo Gabaraín, Cesareo S, E 19,791,979 mission
Spain Tú has venido a la orilla Lord, You have come to the Lakeshore Pescador de Hombres P377, L784 Gabaráin, Cesáro Gabaráin, Cesáro Sp, E 1979, 1979 Life in Christ
Spain Tú Has Venido a la Orilla Lord, You have come to the Lakeshore Pescador de Hombres M344 Gabaraín, Cesareo Gabaraín, Cesareo S, E 19,871,987 Invitation
Spain Una Espiga Sheaves of summer Una Espiga P513; L708; M637 Gabaráin, Cesáro Gabaráin, Cesáro Sp, E 1973, 1973 Communion
Spain-Catalan En el Frío Invernal Cold December Flies Away Lo Desembre Congelat M233 Catalonian carol Catalan trad. Sp. - Christmas
Spain-Catalan Toda la Tierra All Earth is Waiting Taulè M210 Taulè, Alberto Taulè, Alberto Sp, E 1972, 1972 Advent
Sweden Thy Holy Wings   Bred Dina Vida Vingar M502; L741 trad., Swedish Sandell-Berg, C E 19,831,865 personal devotion
Sweden Your Love, O God   Guds Kärlek M120 Lundberg, Lars Frostenson, Anders E 1968, 1968 God
Sweden; Korean (text) How great Thou art   O store gud P467 Swedish folk Boberg; Yue (Korean) Korean, E -, 1885 Opening hymn
Taiwan, Polynesia God created heaven and earth   Toa-sia P290, M151 Taiwanese melody Taiwanese E 1963, 1981 God
Tanzania Christ has Arisen, Alleluia   Mfurahnin, Haleluya L678 trad. Tanzanian Kyamanywa, Bernard E -,20c Easter
Tanzania Gracious Spirit, Heed our Pleading   Njoo Kwetu L687 Niwagila, Wilson; arr., Hovland Niwagila, Wilson E, Swahili -,- Holy Spirit, Pentecost
Tanzania Listen, God is Calling   Neno Lake Mungu L712 trad. Tanzanian trad. Tanzanian E -,- The Word
Venezuela Niño Lindo Child so Lovely Caracas M222 Venezuelan melody trad. Venezuelan Sp, E - Christmas
Vietnam My prayer rises to Heaven   Vietnam M498 Kim, Dao Psalm 141:2 E   personal devotion

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